Importance of Spay & Neuter Procedures with a Clearwater, FL, Veterinarian

While we love baby animals, having your pet “fixed” can be the best move you make for your pet, yourself, and your community. Our team at Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL, is here to help.

No Heat Cycles and Undesirable Mating Behavior

As adorable as kittens and puppies are, their parents’ behavior during heat cycles and mating is not. When female pets go into heat, they leave messes all over and make more noise than you want to hear.

Male pets roam all over. They also mark their territory, leaving unpleasant smells. They also become more aggressive. Spaying and neutering can prevent you from having to deal with any of these issues.

Prevents Overpopulation

The world is full of stray, unwanted animals and animal shelters are full of cats and dogs that were abandoned – many of which come from unwanted litters. Most never find a home and many have to be put down. You can play a very important role in this by having your pet spayed or neutered and encouraging friends and family to do the same.

Saves Lives

Pets that do not have spay & neuter procedures are at a much higher risk of developing fatal conditions. These include testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and deadly uterine infections. This simple procedure can keep your beloved pet with you for much longer and reduce the number of sick vet visits and animal hospital stays.

Saves Money

Taking care of litters costs money. So do treatments and procedures at your animal hospital for the conditions mentioned above. A one-time investment in having your pet spayed or neutered can save you a lot of money down the line.

Get Spay & Neuter from a Vet at Our Animal Hospital

If you would like to learn more about these procedures or schedule an appointment with our vet team, call us at Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL, at (727) 584-1151. A veterinarian at our animal hospital is here to help.


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