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Using Diagnostic Imaging Technologies To Help Pets

Determining an underlying health problem in pets is done through careful observation, testing, and the experience of the veterinary professional. Diagnostic imaging technologies offer detailed information of what is going on inside the animal's body, without having to perform invasive exploratory surgery. At Clearwater Animal Clinic, we use a variety of diagnostic imaging techniques to help our patients.

X-Rays Are An Important Tool

For many decades, x-rays have been used to help veterinarians detect problems in the hard structures inside animals’ bodies, such as broken bones, spinal disorders, and joint dysfunctions. It is also used to locate foreign objects in the gastrointestinal tract that an animal may have ingested. X-rays have allowed vets to determine the proper procedure before performing surgery.

Ultrasound Offers A New Technology For Diagnosis

Ultrasound technology, like those used to assess the condition of a fetus during pregnancy, has become a helpful tool for veterinarians. As x-rays provide images of the hard structures in the body, ultrasound uses sound waves to create a digitized image of abnormalities in the soft tissues. The vet can provide accurate care without doing invasive, exploratory procedures. Ultrasound can detect changes in size and shape of internal organs to provide clues for the diagnosis of illnesses.

MRIs Are Used For Veterinary Medicine

In some cases, more detailed information about what is going on inside the body may be needed to provide treatment for an animal’s illness or injury. MRI uses powerful magnets to create images of disorders in the soft tissues. A vet may order an MRI for an animal with a spinal cord problem or a brain disorder. An animal with a neurological issue may be given an MRI to detect the source of the problem.

CT Scans For Diagnosis

CT scans provide a detailed image of the problems inside the patient's body. Your vet may order this test to find out how extensive a tumor has spread, to diagnose problems in the nasal passages, or to understand the severity of an orthopedic disorder. Generally, CT scans are done at a separate facility.

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