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Clearwater Animal Clinic Offers Dog Dental Care

Canines depend on their teeth throughout their lives. However, a dog’s teeth are subject to the same types of problems as human teeth. Dog dental care will help your pet stay healthy and in good condition.


At Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL, we provide a range of dog dental care procedures to keep your pet’s teeth clean and functioning well.

The Importance of Canine Dental Health

Healthy teeth help dogs to feed normally, so they can get the nutrition they need for an active and engaged life. Without regular dental care, teeth can become loose and painful. Your pet may even lose teeth as the years pass, which makes feeding more difficult. Good dental care also fosters general health, eliminating bacteria from the mouth that can travel throughout the body.

Common Dental Problems Your Vet Can Help

Dogs may have several problems that require attention over the years. As they grow, dogs sometimes retain puppy teeth that can cause problems with normal tooth alignment. These can be removed, so your pet can feed comfortably. Canines also sometimes break teeth when chewing on hard objects.

These teeth may need to be removed to prevent decay and discomfort. Eating normal foods can leave a film on your pet’s teeth that can lead to loosening of the teeth and gum disease. Regular cleaning can prevent this problem and help your dog keep their teeth throughout their lives. During cleaning, the veterinarian will carefully examine all the teeth to detect any problems that might cause pain and problems with feeding.

Canine Health Problems Are Related To Poor Dental Care

When canine teeth are infected or painful, they cannot feed properly. They can begin to suffer nutritional deficiencies. In addition, the bacteria that grow on tartar can migrate to other organs of the body, which can lead to heart disease, kidneys or other organs. Poor dental care can also cause your pet to have bad breath, which is unpleasant and makes it hard for you to be close to your dog. For these reasons, your dog should come in for regular visits to the vet for teeth cleaning and exams.

Make Clearwater Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian in Clearwater, FL

Dr. Stenzel and Dr. Charpentier use their extensive training in veterinary medicine to help their patients in Clearwater, FL have longer, healthier lives. Our animal hospital offers a range of services for pets, including exams, vaccinations, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, allergy care, and urgent care. Contact Clearwater Animal Clinic today at (727) 584-1151 for an appointment to have your dog’s teeth cleaned for fresher breath and better health.


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