Tips and Tricks on Traveling with Pets

When you go on a vacation or take pets to the veterinarian for exams, it’s important to prioritize safety. These tips from us at Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL, can help you travel as smoothly as possible. A “veterinarian near me” at our “animal clinic near me” is here to help.

How to Restrain Pets during Car Rides

It's best to put your pet in a spacious carrier. If the animal is too large, consider connecting a harness to one of the vehicle's seat belts. Keep pets far away from open windows and the driver. Some animals become car sick so laying down a blanket may be useful.

Make sure the carrier isn't easy to escape. Some cats can figure out how to unfasten latches. The animal could escape when you reach your destination, so it's wise to use a collar that has a tag with your contact information on it.

Practice Taking Your Pet on Short Trips

Before a long ride, try bringing your cat or dog on at least one shorter car trip. This will help him get accustomed to riding in a vehicle. It will also give you a chance to observe his behavior and prepare accordingly. A vet might be able to provide car sickness medicine, for example.

What to Bring on Car Rides with Pets

Avoid feeding an animal while the car is moving. Be sure to bring enough food, water, treats and any necessary medicines. Other important items vary depending on the animal. They might include leashes, blankets, toys, bowls, or brushes.

Get Vet Care and Pet Exams from a Veterinarian

If you're wondering "Could a veterinarian near me help prepare my pet for a trip?", the answer is yes. It might be important to address any health issues and ensure animals have the right vaccinations before a lengthy vacation. Our team at Clearwater Animal Clinic can provide these services and perform pre-trip exams. To speak to a “veterinarian near me” at an “animal clinic near me” in Clearwater, FL, call (727) 584-1151 today.


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