Top Exercises for Pets

If you own a pet, it’s a good idea to make sure that he or she gets enough exercise. Regular workouts can help promote a healthy weight and help strengthen muscles. Fortunately, when it comes to working out, you’ll often find that you have plenty of options. It’s smart to contact a “veterinarian near me” at our “animal hospital near me” if you want to learn more about pet exercise. If you live in Clearwater, FL, visit us at Clearwater Animal Clinic for advice.

Before getting into specific exercises, however, make sure you don’t overexert your pets. It’s also smart to provide plenty of water. On especially hot days, you may want to tone down the workout as well.


A long stroll through the park or along the beach can make for a great workout both for you and your pets. Many dogs love walks and spending time with their owners. Being outside can allow both of you to get fresh air.


Looking for a more intensive workout than a simple walk? Feel free to pick up the pace. Many dogs can keep up with humans while jogging. Just remember to keep a close eye on your pets and ensure that they are not overexerting themselves.


Jogging and walking can be hard on the knees. If you or your pet are suffering joint issues, you might consider swimming instead. A quick dip is often much easier on the body than jogging.


Cats love chasing string, toys, laser pointers, and everything else. You can help your cat get a lot of exercise with regular play sessions. You may also find yourself having fun.


Playing fetch is one of the best ways to work dogs out and can be fun for the pet owner as well.

Get Vet Care and Routine Exams from a Veterinarian

The above list is far from exhaustive. Your pet may enjoy other activities even more. Fortunately, you can contact a “veterinarian near me” at our “animal hospital near me” and ask questions. You can also discuss workouts with a vet during routine exams.

If you reside near Clearwater, FL, get in touch with us at Clearwater Animal Clinic. We can help you develop the perfect workout routine for your pets. Call us at (727) 584-1151 for more information.


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