Signs of Stress in Pets and How to Calm Them

Have you noticed unusual behaviors in your pet lately? Your pet may be dealing with stress. Similarly to humans, stress can significantly impact your pet’s health and happiness. Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL, wants to inform pet owners about the most common signs of stress in pets. Continue reading to understand the causes of stress in pets and how you can help calm your pet when it experiences stress.

What Causes Stress in Pets?

Your pet could experience stress due to a variety of reasons. Changes in routine or environment are frequent causes of stress in pets. Loud noises from storms, construction, or fireworks also trigger stress in many pets. Other frequent causes of stress in pets include introducing new people or animals into the home, health issues, poor socialization, and a lack of stimulation. These stressors can cause your pet to act out and exhibit one or more of the following behavior problems:

•           Growling and hissing

•           Biting

•           Constant barking, whining, or meowing

•           Destructive chewing habits

•           House soiling and spraying

•           Hiding

•           Pacing or restlessness

•           Trembling

•           Tail tucked in fear

Tips to Calm a Stressed Pet

The first step toward helping alleviate your pet’s stress is recognizing its trigger. Once you identify the cause of your pet’s stress, our veterinarian recommends the following to help calm your pet:

•           Maintain regular daily schedules for feeding, walks, playtime, and potty breaks. Routines are reassuring.

•           Create a dedicated space for your pet to retreat with familiar toys and bedding.

•           Try calming aids like pheromone diffusers, treats or supplements, or CBD oils.

•           Play relaxing music to muffle outside noises that may be frightening your pet.

If your pet's anxious behaviors persist for more than one or two weeks, consult our vet about whether medical intervention could help. We can perform exams and tests for underlying illnesses and provide customized treatment plans, which may include prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Visit Your Animal Clinic Near Me at Clearwater Animal Clinic to Ease Your Pet’s Stress

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