How to Prepare Your Cat for Surgery

No one enjoys an extended visit to the doctor, and that includes your cat. As veterinarians, we know how to care for your pets. We also know that your cat would much rather be home. Here are five ways to prepare your cat for surgery here in Clearwater.

Five Tips for Preparing Your Cat

1. Follow any medical advice. Depending on the nature of the surgery, we will give you specific advice and directions regarding feeding and any pre-op care. Make sure to take away your cat's food dish at the right time and to perform any necessary cleaning to prepare an area for your pet to recover.

2. Plan time to soothe your cat. Pet surgery can be stressful, and cats can read the stress. Give you and your pet some extra cuddle or playtime ahead of surgery.

3. Get the cat carrier ready ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute to get the carrier out of storage and stocked with a blanket or small toy. Ideally, you should have the carrier ready the night before, with the door open. Otherwise, you may train your cat to associate the carrier with a stressful trip to the veterinarian.

4. Consider putting your cat in a small, secure room. Especially if you have a multi-cat household, it may be difficult to withhold food from only one pet before surgery. Cats don't mind being shut in small rooms for a little while, so long as they are comfortable and safe.

5. Stay calm. Prepare your cat by preparing yourself. Cats can sense when you are stressed out. Depending on the reason for surgery, you may be stressed out. Do your best to stay calm. Remember, you have a good veterinarian, and your cat will be in the best possible hands.

Veterinarian in Clearwater

At Clearwater Animal Clinic, we have years of experience performing pet surgery. For more information on preparing your cat for surgery or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (727) 584-1151.


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