Just like with humans, pet allergies can be irritating and can significantly reduce your animal's quality of life. That's why as a pet owner, it's imperative to be aware of the potential allergies your pet can suffer from. Knowing what to look for and knowing when to contact our veterinarians at Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater can help you be more prepared to prevent and treat allergies. Here are some common symptoms of pet allergies.

Skin Rashes

If you notice that your pet has a skin rash or is scratching itself often, allergies could be the cause. Often, these rashes are the result of seasonal allergies and may accompany respiratory issues, like sneezing. In other cases, rashes indicate a reaction to shampoo or another material that touches the pet's skin.

Shedding Hair

Pets tend to shed hair, but you should take note if your pet seems to be shedding more than usual. Significant hair loss should prompt you to bring your pet to our veterinarians, as it could indicate additional irritation in the skin.

Respiratory Issues

If your pet suddenly starts excessively sneezing or wheezing, he or she may be suffering from respiratory issues caused by an allergic reaction. Contact us for emergency care if your pet is experiencing respiratory problems due to allergies because this can lead to other serious health issues if left untreated.

Ear Infections

When your pet has allergies, its ears are likely to become inflamed. If you notice swelling, redness, or discharge in your pet's ears, this can be due to an allergic reaction.

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Clearwater Animal Clinic in Clearwater is a vet clinic that can help treat your pet's allergies. We can provide the treatment and counseling you need to alleviate your pet's symptoms and prevent these allergic reactions from occurring. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to help your pet live a healthy and pain-free life. Contact us at (727) 584-1151 to schedule your pet's next exam or to learn more about how we can help.


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