Many things can cause your pet to suffer – and arthritis is certainly one of them. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis in pets. However, by recognizing the symptoms, you can help minimize their suffering and discomfort. To help, our team at Clearwater Animal Clinic shares the most common signs to look out for.

Symptoms of Pet Arthritis 

Generally, arthritis in dogs and arthritis in cats present in much the same ways. However, there are a few differences. You can learn about the symptoms of both breeds below.

Arthritis in Dogs 

  • Limping or trembling when walking
  • Difficulty or inability to climb stairs or furniture or to get in and out of a vehicle
  • Trouble standing up after sitting or lying down
  • Slower pace on walks
  • Uncharacteristic irritability or aggression
  • Lameness in the leg
  • Fatigue
  • Not wanting you to touch them, especially on some parts of the body

Arthritis in Cats 

Cats typically exhibit the same symptoms as those listed above for dogs, but most cat owners also notice the following:

  • Using the restroom outside of the litter box, as they have difficulty getting into it
  • Hiding more than they usually do
  • Disinterest in playing
  • Ragged, dirty, or rough-looking coats, as they have trouble grooming themselves

Arthritis Relief 

Though it cannot be cured, your veterinarian can help you provide arthritis relief to your beloved friend. Treatment typically revolves around managing the condition through lifestyle adjustments.

Nutrition and weight loss often play a role. Your veterinarian will also recommend actions you can take at home to make life easier, such as providing a more comfortable bed, raising food and water bowls, installing ramps, and more.

Treatment might also consist of prescription medication, natural supplements, and alternative treatments, such as massage and physical therapy. In some cases, surgery is recommended, but this is saved as a last resort.

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