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Similarly to us, dogs and cats accumulate plaque on their teeth. If not removed regularly this plaque will become tartar along the gum line. This tartar will then cause irritation and gum inflammation known as gingivitis. If left unchecked this inflammation will lead to permanent bone and soft tissue loss as well as your pet’s teeth becoming loose. This chronic and painful bacterial infection may also lead to heart, lung and kidney complications. All pets should have a routine annual dental exam as a preventative step to avoid more serious dental disease and extractions. The best way for your pet to keep their teeth is to maintain them with preventative care and routine dental cleanings.

At Clearwater Animal Clinic we believe no pet should suffer chronic dental pain. Our promise is to provide the best dental care at the most reasonable price by offering our national dental month discount year round. All dentals include : blood work, IV catheter, dental radiographs, dental scaling and polishing. Final price may vary depending on if extractions are necessary. However you have our guarantee not only to do it right but to also be fair in pricing so your pet will be relieved of chronic dental pain.

We welcome all new and existing clients that have concerns about their pet’s dental health to come in for a complimentary oral/dental examination. Call (727) 584-1151 today!    

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