Zoetis Rebate Program

Zoetis is offering a new rebate program for customers that use Apoquel and/or Proheart 12. These rebates can be used here on any of your pet’s needs, vaccines, surgery, dental cleaning, medications, and shampoo.

First time users of apoquel will receive a $15 rebate on the purchase of just 15 pills. Existing customers that already purchase apoquel will receive the following rebates.

30 pills -$11

45 pills- $18

60 pills- $25

100 pills- $37

Clients that receive ProHeart 12 will get a $ 40 dollar rebate along with the convenience of never forgetting their dog’s heartworm protection. This means dogs between 5 to 11 pounds can get a full year of heartworm protection for as little as $ 4. This offer, however, expires on 9/30/21.

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